• Artist: Nigel Sense
  • Exhibition Date: February 2013

Gallery 2010 presents Get Wasted by Nigel Sense.

Nigel Sense works in a neo pop manner and like the pop artists of the 1960’s he has turned mass reproduction and the influence of mass media into subject matter for his most recent paintings. Through his screen-printing paint process, Nigel’s paintings explore ubiquitous Australian products and iconography that evoke a certain nostalgia about Australian identity, and those quirky things we consume as different to other nations. The works are a reinterpretation of recognisable objects that present themselves as something engagingly familiar, yet different.

Opening Hours

Thursday 7 February 6 – 8pm

Friday 8 February 6 – 8pm

Saturday 9 February 10am – 4pm

Sunday 10 February 11am – 3pm