Happy as a Box of Birds

  • Artist: Matt Liggins
  • Exhibition Date: June 2013

Gallery 2010 presents Happy as a Box of Birds by Matt Liggins.

Controversial, provocative, sardonic and oftentimes playful – Matt Liggins’ assemblage of paintings and sculptures reflect upon displacement of culture, society’s ethical hypocrisy and the ‘disease’ of consumerism. Using art as a platform for social commentary, these works are unabashedly forthright in their message. Through a mix of symbolism and via his use of recycled materials, Matt underscores our infatuation with ‘the new’, focusing on issues of waste and sustainability, while also dissecting the rationale behind religion and exploring society’s media generated guilt and the subsequent feelings of hopelessness it evokes.

Opening Hours

Thursday 20 June 6 – 8pm

Friday 21 June 6 – 8pm

Saturday 22 June 10am – 4pm

Sunday 23 June 11am – 3pm