Memento Mori

  • Artist: Naomi Riddle
  • Exhibition Date: May 2013

Gallery 2010 presents Memento Mori by Naomi Riddle.

Working in the medium of analogue photography and archival film, Naomi Riddle explores the notion of the image as a wound, an incision, a cut on the subject that leaves an ever-present mark, a scar that is not fully healed. Through an exploration of  suburban space with an emphasis on the domestic, Naomi suggests new ways of thinking about memory, nostalgia and archive. Her work exposes the way in which the image ruptures coherent concepts of time and space, freezing the past, and opening up memory as a destabilising force.

Naomi is a currently completing a doctoral thesis on place and space in the work of three Australian authors. Her writing has appeared in VoiceworksSoutherlyDas Platforms Online and she is a regular contributor to the American literature blog HTMLgiant.


Opening Hours

Thursday 2 May 6 – 8pm

Friday 3 May 6 – 8pm

Saturday 4 May 10am – 4pm

Sunday 5 May 11am – 3pm

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