Name That Song!

  • Artist: Little Gonzales
  • Exhibition Date: August 2012

Gallery 2010 presents Name that Song! A Book Launch.

To celebrate independent Australian publisher Side B Books’ debut publication Name That Song! Gallery 2010 and MART Gallery are presenting a special exhibition based on images within the book.

The stimulating, colourful and quirky illustrated pop culture book contains 99 pictograms that represent universally recognized songs – from Tiny Dancer to Careless Whisper to Ice Ice Baby and Empire State of Mind.

The viewer’s goal is to piece together the song titles through visual recognition and word play. Some of the pictograms are literal; others are truly puzzling. 99 points are up for grabs – half a point is earned for correctly naming the song title, and half a point for correctly naming the original artist.

Name That Song! Was created by Michael Wilton and illustrated by Little Gonzales. Michael is a music journalist, his work being published in LA WEEKLY, Cream, musicOMH and Out In London. He is also a prolific television producer, helming productions by MTV, VH1, and the Bio Channel in Sydney and London. Little Gonzales’ distinctive work has been commissioned by companies as diverse as Warner Music, Microsoft, and Graniph; he staged his own solo exhibition ‘POP’ at MART Gallery in 2011; and he was a finalist in the prestigious British Council’s Realise Your Dream Awards and Footlocker Art Prize.


Opening Hours

Thursday 30 August 6pm – 8pm

Friday 31 August 6pm – 8pm

Saturday 1 September 10am – 4pm

Sunday 2 September 11am – 3pm


Name That Song! is officially released on September 3.

Name that Song! Feature Image