Spinning in Ecstasy

  • Artist: Venice Rish
  • Exhibition Date: August 2013

Gallery 2010 presents Spinning in Ecstasy by Venice Rish.

“The Sufis say each one of us is a planet spinning in ecstasy but I say each one of us is a set of shifting molecules spinning in ecstasy.” – Jim Jarmusch.

The psychological side of being human is constructed. Once we remove such limitations and go back to our existence as molecular matter, form becomes undecided and malleable. Glass molecules possess this ability, their structure transitioning into crystalline solids, a state that is not necessarily desired. With an interest in exploring moments of pure potentiality, Venice Rish works across photography and cast glass sculpture and jewellery – inventing her own dialogue between the mediums, so that ideas begin on paper and end in a tangible state. This exhibition marks a farewell for Rish, who is relocating to London to take up a Masters at Central Saint Martins in September.

Opening Hours

Thursday 22 August 6 – 8pm

Friday 23 August 6 – 8pm

Saturday 24 August 10am – 4pm

Sunday 25 August 11am – 3pm

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