The Mind Body Problem

  • Artist: Suzy Faiz
  • Exhibition Date: August 2014

Gallery 2010 presents The Mind Body Problem by Suzy Faiz.

‘Leaving traces of the body the body through the physical through my physique as a tool my matter creates material limbs bones flesh distorting fragmenting imitations and limitations of the self.’

In The Mind Body Problem, Suzy Faiz explores the complex relationship between mind and body. Using her body as a tool she reflects her mind into an external, invisible world. Influenced by surrealism and abstract expressionism, her works operate as uncaged abstractions – organic shapes in brilliant colours reference bodies and limbs but morph and distort within an abstract dreamscape.

Opening Hours

Thursday 14 August 6 – 8pm

Friday 15 August 6 – 8pm

Saturday 16 August 10am – 4pm

Sunday 17 August 11am – 3pm



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