• Artist: Bianca O'Neill
  • Exhibition Date: May 2012

Unedited is about the subject – and the artist.

In a world of constant faking, photoshop and fame, the digital world serves as a pop culture funnel for altered content. Photographers no longer have to hone their craft, learning the art of aperture, speed and framing – preferring the auto setting and the post-photo world of photoshop to convey artistic talent.  In the world of the 3 photo rule and the release form we are losing the art of the accidental image. Unedited is an exhibition anchored in the ‘real’ world of photography – all images are unaltered in any way, all taken with a manual film SLR. The images have not been through any post production – including no color enhancement, cropping, sharpening or other alterations. Negatives are presented as part of the exhibition to enhance the authenticity.

Bianca O’Neill, like most other journalists, pursues opportunities to communicate intimacy in both the written and photographic form. Bianca started the blog Alphabet Pony in 2010 – a collective of creatives that contribute to a website and monthly magazine free for its readers. The blog covers art, music, architecture, film and design – but art is at the core of what Alphabet Pony do, it follows that their collective is made up of several photographic contributors, of which Bianca is one.

Opening Hours

Thursday 24 May 2012 6pm – 8pm

Saturday 26 May 10am – 4pm

Sunday 27 May 11am – 3pm

Unedited - Bianca O'Neill