• Artist: Morgan Shimled
  • Exhibition Date: June 2015

Gallery 2010 presents Vertex by Morgan Shimeld.

Morgan Shimeld’s sculptures are explorations of compression and of the intersection of prismatic forms. These are sculptures that force one to think beyond the surface of the structure and into how its parts interrelate to form a whole.

Working between the solidity of cast bronze and fine stainless steel tracery, Shimeld plays with our sense of density and form. These two approaches, viewed side by side, show a sophisticated manipulation of three dimensional illusion. The diagrammatic works lead our eye so that positive and negative spaces lose their dichotomy; a feeling that continues when we view the bronze works as being comprised of secondary conflated forms. Indeed, whilst at face value, these are sculptures with a monumental presence that belies their scale, the trajectory of their surface planes leads one to follow lines, not outward, but into the form. Indeed, one must project deep within the sculpture to reveal an intricacy of overlapping and intersecting prisms that cannot exist in physical space, but only through our engagement with the work. These sculptures hold their complexity of form as a potential within them.

– Sophie Hopmeier, Defiance Gallery.

Opening hours

Thursday 25 June 6 – 8pm

Friday 26 June 11am – 3pm

Saturday 27 June 11am – 3pm

Sunday 28 June 11am – 3pm

Monday 29 June 11am – 3pm

Tuesday 30 June 11am – 3pm



This exhibition will be held offsite at Paramount House, 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills. 

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