White Winged Dove

  • Artist: Tales of the Fallen
  • Exhibition Date: April 2012

Tales of the Fallen introduces its debut collection White Winged Dove at Gallery 2010.

Inspired by the mélange of soft-focus femininity and rock and roll edginess that defined the 1970s, the range takes its cue from the decade’s icons: the captivatingly fragile beauty of Brooke Shields in Endless Love, the seductive allure of Pamela Courson and the carefree spirit of Ali McGraw.

Tales of the Fallen is a collaboration of designers and long-time friends Teresa Ruiz and Trish Fairbairn. Sharing a love of fashion and passion for vintage design, beautiful cinema, music, art and imagery, while also being  invigorated by the laidback lifestyle of their home base in Sydney’s Bondi and the innovative style of its artistic collective, the two have combined their creative vision to launch a label that captures the essence of their inspirations.