Yo No hablo Español

  • Artist: Christopher Morris
  • Exhibition Date: March 2012

Gallery 2010’s opening exhibition Yo No Hablo Español will feature new photographic works by one of Australia’s pre-eminent fashion and celebrity portraiture photographers, Christopher Morris. Christopher has contributed to publications such as Dazed and Confused, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly (US), In Style, GQ and The (Sydney) Magazine. He has also photographed Lou Reed, Pearl Jam and Pavement, as well as working on campaigns for Levi’s, Elke and Gorman.

However, the collection in Yo No Hablo Español is a stunning selection of Christopher’s personal works, taken during his travels through Mexico.

‘In 2011 Christopher returned to Central North Mexico, capturing the banality of the everyday and giving it a sense of dignity. Christopher’s photographs evoke a strength, beauty, and timelessness in the ordinary. His choice of subject matter juxtaposes epic scale with up-close, unexpected encounters. From the stretch of roller-coaster mountains to the quiet dustbowl of a deserted, cactus-punctured street, these images capture the rugged nobility of the people and the land on which they live.’

The exhibition will be accompanied by a limited edition 50 page book of the same name. Featuring further colour and black-and-white photographs, it’s proudly published by Izrock Pressings.


Opening Hours

Thursday 8 March 2012 6pm – 8pm

Friday 9 March 6pm – 8pm

Saturday 10 March 10am – 4pm

Sunday 11 March 11am – 3pm