Studio Visit : Nigel Sense

Studio Visit : Nigel Sense

Posted by Sam

16 Jan 2013

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Nigel Sense’s forthcoming exhibition, Get Wasted, opens at Gallery 2010 on Thursday 7 February 2013. We visited the artist at his Marrickville studio to talk about his new collection of paintings.

What is the idea behind Get Wasted?

“The exhibition pays homage to the last of the warrior artists. Whether it’s Jackson Pollock or Adam Cullen… The reinterpretation of alcohol and cigarette logos and packaging is a tribute to this sticky veneer with the humour that all my paintings have.”

Who or what are some of your influences?

“The whole concept for Get Wasted came from living across the road from a pub… My day-to-day life influences my work a lot. Kind of first world problems like someone listening to loud shit music on the train on my way home from work or why all the small-bar bartenders have breads? Stylistically, I am strongly influenced by both pop art and the American abstract expressionist movements. Artists like Basquiat, Warhol, Pollock etc.”

Are the paintings in Get Wasted a new idea, or an extension of previous work?

“I think I have a distinct style to my work. Compared to my previous work, this work is more childish and includes more details from over painting as well as the introduction of old printing plates from my day job. I wanted this work to be crazier, not so clean, but still keeping white space, which is a strong feature in my work. ”

“I love to paint. In my studio I feel connected with the world. It’s a really hard thing to explain. I always say “painters paint”. You could say it’s my mantra. ”

Get Wasted by Nigel Sense opens at Gallery 2010 Thursday 7 February from 6 – 8pm. The exhibition continues Friday 8 February 6 – 8pm, Saturday 9 February 10am – 4pm and Sunday 10 February 11am – 3pm.