• Converge (1)


    • Artist: Morgan Shimled
    • Exhibition Date: June 2015

    Morgan Shimeld’s sculptures force one to think beyond the surface of the structure and into how its parts interrelate to form a whole.

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  • Sam Mitchell Fin - Fiin


    • Artist: Sam Mitchell Fin
    • Exhibition Date: March 2015

    Sam Mitchell Fin returns to Gallery 2010 for 4’33”, a new collection of the artist’s signature neon and light based sculpture.

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  • FullSizeRender

    Hectic Electric

    • Artist: Dion Horstmans
    • Exhibition Date: November 2014

    Dion Horstmans returns to Gallery 2010 with an entirely new series of works, built up from the artist’s signature shadow angles and geometric, minimalist forms.

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  • Easel marketing image

    Crafted Land

    • Artist: Bryden Williams
    • Exhibition Date: October 2014

    Crafted Land references the disparate activities of landscape painting and off road driving, connecting the two in an effort to challenge a romantic ideal of the domesticated pastoral space within regional Australia.

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  • give-way-sign

    Not OK Computer

    • Artist: Matt Liggins
    • Exhibition Date: September 2014

    Matt Liggins casts a wide net over contemporary social and political discourse, presenting a softly satirical digest through his playful art brut style.

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  • The Other

    The Mind Body Problem

    • Artist: Suzy Faiz
    • Exhibition Date: August 2014

    Influenced by surrealism and abstract expressionism, Suzy Faiz’s works operate as uncaged abstractions, as she explores the complex relationship between mind and body.

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  • The Cosmos Project - Feat1

    The Cosmos Project

    • Artist: Group Exhibition
    • Exhibition Date: July 2014

    In The Cosmos Project composers and artists have partnered to create immersive sonic and visual works that explore phenomena of space and the Solar System, in an exhibition that exists at the intersection of both musical and artistic composition.

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  • 1

    Neon Dispersion

    • Artist: Ollie Lucas
    • Exhibition Date: June 2014

    In Neon Dispersion, Ollie Lucas explores the industrial functioning of flags – brightly hued signals that direct the travel of trains, planes and ships; a system of coloured communication known as semaphores.

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  • Website Image


    • Artist: Lauren Webster
    • Exhibition Date: May 2014

    THIRD. EYE. WESTERN. paints notions of a Wild West with undercurrents of surreal dreamscapes of the artist’s own conjuring.

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  • Gallery 2010 - Dion Horstmans

    The Future Primitive

    • Artist: Dion Horstmans and Sam Mitchell-Fin
    • Exhibition Date: March 2014

    Sculptors Dion Horstmans and Sam Mitchell-Fin will bind light, shadow and geometry in a new collaboratively forged environment.

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  • Cake Wines Rooftop dinner series

    Rooftop Dinner Series

    • Artist: Kevin Tran
    • Exhibition Date: January 2014

    Art, wine and food. Featuring new work by Kevin Tran, wine by the art inspired Cake Wines and menu created by Studio Neon.

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  • Logo

    Monsters of the Far Earth

    • Artist: Noren Yensen
    • Exhibition Date: November 2013

    To be where we have scales, fur, or feathers; fangs claws and tails. To see and record our different self. A field of the electromagnetic spectrum that can only be viewed through an electronic brain.

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  • 1.High res-Prudence Murphy_Rhyl #1_2011

    Boys with guns

    • Artist: Prudence Murphy
    • Exhibition Date: October 2013

    Prudence Murphy’s practice is concerned with an examination of the details of our quotidian existence, with an emphasis on the domestic, the familiar and the private.

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  • Dion Feature small

    Night Rider

    • Artist: Dion Horstmans
    • Exhibition Date: September 2013

    Acclaimed sculptor Dion Horstmans returns to Gallery 2010 for Night Rider.

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  • Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

    Spinning in Ecstasy

    • Artist: Venice Rish
    • Exhibition Date: August 2013

    With an interest in exploring moments of pure potentiality, Venice Rish works across photography and cast glass sculpture and jewellery.

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  • WinterBluesBrothers web edit


    • Artist: Skulk
    • Exhibition Date: July 2013

    Street artist Skulk’s latest collection of work. MonoToneTimes features original illustrations and screen prints, torn from the black books of the artist, who’s intricately detailed characters take to life on many of Sydney’s city walls.

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  • happyasaboxofbirdsandbutterflies

    Happy as a Box of Birds

    • Artist: Matt Liggins
    • Exhibition Date: June 2013

    Controversial, provocative, sardonic and oftentimes playful – a new collection of painting and sculpture by Matt Liggins.

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  • exhibitionphoto large

    Memento Mori

    • Artist: Naomi Riddle
    • Exhibition Date: May 2013

    Working in the medium of analog photography and archival film, Naomi Riddle suggests new ways of thinking about memory, nostalgia and archive.

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  • 2010EK6 CT2


    • Artist: COLAB Design & Elke Kramer
    • Exhibition Date: May 2013

    A new artist collaboration between Elke Kramer and COLAB Design.

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  • The Colour Rebellion


    • Artist: Sam Mitchell-fin
    • Exhibition Date: March 2013

    “In unexpected places, light can find you – through the darkness, wrapped around corners… shapes and contours of the structures we see around us. The world is a place where light will always find you.”

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  • 9


    • Artist: Jhanie Lindon
    • Exhibition Date: February 2013

    Sydney based artist Jhanie Lindon explores beauty across various mediums in a new collection of work entitled Allure.

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  • Stellar-Artois-(80-x-100-cm)-

    Get Wasted

    • Artist: Nigel Sense
    • Exhibition Date: February 2013

    Nigel Sense works in a neo pop manner, exploring ubiquitous Australian products and iconography.

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  • feature


    • Artist: Meg Minkley
    • Exhibition Date: December 2012

    Using pattern and colour to form design and textile to create layers, the paintings in She are vivid representations of femininity from various angles.

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  • GREEDY_HEN_Go_Forth

    Go Forth

    • Artist: Greedy Hen
    • Exhibition Date: December 2012

    Go Forth is about exploration. It’s steering towards the unknown but knowing once you are there. The works in this show are based on an eerie momentary lapse in everyday life. It is a celebration of moving forward into the unfamiliar without hesitation.

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  • Dion Horstmans - Featureedit

    Atomic Wings

    • Artist: Dion Horstmans
    • Exhibition Date: November 2012

    Dion Horstmans brings his geometric & minimalist sculptures of time, space and flight to the Gallery 2010 space and roof top.

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  • ElizabethRose_1

    Other Worlds

    • Artist: Angelo Kehagias
    • Exhibition Date: October 2012

    Other Worlds is a collection of portraits by esteemed music photographer Angelo Kehagias.

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  • Shaping the Unknown - Feature Image

    Shaping the Unknown

    • Artist: Group Exhibition
    • Exhibition Date: September 2012

    Shaping the Unknown is the collaboration of four emerging Sydney artists and includes a series of drawings and monochrome paintings which depict mysterious and ambiguous features of subject matter, shape and form.

    Exhibition Details

  • Jacob Ring Feature

    New Earth

    • Artist: Jacob Ring
    • Exhibition Date: September 2012

    For the exhibition New Earth Jacob will be presenting an impressive collection of almost 100 images, curated by independent curator, publisher and gallerist Joseph Allen-Shea.

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  • Alice lowres


    • Artist: Annabelle Gaspar
    • Exhibition Date: August 2012

    Gaspar’s artistic practice has been described as instinctual and organic – as she captures the energy within various underwater settings.

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  • Name that Song! Feature Image

    Name That Song!

    • Artist: Little Gonzales
    • Exhibition Date: August 2012

    To celebrate independent Australian publisher Side B Books’ debut publication Name That Song! Gallery 2010 and MART Gallery are presenting a special exhibition based on images within the book.

    Exhibition Details

  • IMG 1

    Stills from Imaginary Films

    • Artist: Luke Byrne
    • Exhibition Date: July 2012

    The collection of images in Stills reveals the artist’s fascination with capturing the ordinary and the everyday as cinematic snapshots – ethereal, nostalgic and dream-like.

    Exhibition Details

  • Phil James_003 (2)web


    • Artist: Phil James
    • Exhibition Date: June 2012

    Best recognised for his unique use of the technique Daubism, Smilex is a collection of new paintings by Phil James.

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  • Unedited - Bianca O'Neill


    • Artist: Bianca O'Neill
    • Exhibition Date: May 2012

    Unedited is about the subject – and the artist. An exhibition anchored in the real world of photography.

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  • LAPM_OP_2

    Ocular Proof

    • Artist: La Petite Mort
    • Exhibition Date: April 2012

    From deserts of Sedona to the snows of the Sierra Nevada, La Petite Mort take what they see and refocus it as site-specific installations and live visual performance.

    Exhibition Details

  • photo.jpgedit1

    White Winged Dove

    • Artist: Tales of the Fallen
    • Exhibition Date: April 2012

    Tales of the Fallen introduces its debut collection White Winged Dove.

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  • Christopher Morris - High Res2

    Yo No hablo Español

    • Artist: Christopher Morris
    • Exhibition Date: March 2012

    New photographic works by Christopher Morris, one of Australia’s pre-eminent fashion and celebrity portraiture photographers.

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